Android phones cheaper than iPhones

Why are Android phones cheaper than iPhones?

Apple products are known for being expensive, because Apple likes setting high prices to make a lot of revenue. It’s also because they can. High prices don’t stop people from buying iPhones. Apk Android phones are generally cheaper because they aren’t as exclusive and most phone manufacturers don’t think the way Apple does.

Everything made by Apple is more expensive because Apple products are trendy and they can get away with it because people who use Apple products don’t know any better.

because Crapple SUCKS! theyre finally starting to go down the tubes and theyre sucking every possible penny they can, androids are by far better and CHEAPER then anything crapple puts out there.


do your research and you’ll come to the same conclusion as me

Disable SSL errors warning on Google Chrome to use APK downloader?

Answer by Libertarian Programmer Dave

Try downloading it under FireFox, Google Chrome has gotton so fat now, it used to take up less resources than FF but now… Apk DownloadGoogle Chrome is just sooo heavy… FireFox is so much more lightweight and cooler. Plus, with Google Chrome, you have a unique tracker id for each Chrome browser… which is why if you want to use Chrome, you should use the Chromium Browser, which is also open source, and Google Chrome is actually based on Chromium

download APK files from Google Play to Pc