Android phones cheaper than iPhones

Why are Android phones cheaper than iPhones?

Apple products are known for being expensive, because Apple likes setting high prices to make a lot of revenue. It’s also because they can. High prices don’t stop people from buying iPhones. Apk Android phones are generally cheaper because they aren’t as exclusive and most phone manufacturers don’t think the way Apple does.

Everything made by Apple is more expensive because Apple products are trendy and they can get away with it because people who use Apple products don’t know any better.

because Crapple SUCKS! theyre finally starting to go down the tubes and theyre sucking every possible penny they can, androids are by far better and CHEAPER then anything crapple puts out there.


do your research and you’ll come to the same conclusion as me

Mouseless Browsing :Open Links by Typing – No Mouse Required

Power users and keyboard ninjas who absolutely hate it when they have to take their hands off the keyboard should try Dead Mouse. This is a new Google Chrome extension that lets you click and open any link on a web page by typing a few characters that are in the anchor text of the link.

Once you have installed the extension from the Chrome Web store, type a few characters and the first matching link on the page will begin to wiggle (see the animation below). Hit the Enter key to follow that link or press Shift+Enter to open the target web page in a new tab.

If there are multiple hyperlinks on a page that match your typed text, you can easily cycle through the matching links by pressing the Tab key (or press Shift+Tab to cycle in reverse direction). And you can cancel the search mode by hitting the Escape key on your keyboard.

There are no settings to configure but the extension may not play nicely with websites like Twitter or Gmail as they have their own keyboard shortcuts.

Mouseless Browsing in Firefox

If you are on Firefox, you don’t really need any add-ons to open links from the keyboard. Press the “/” (slash) key and type the link text – the first matching link will be highlighted and you can press the Enter key to follow that link